Hotwives of Orlando

Even though some may claim that the show hotwives of Orlando looks a lot like Real Housewives, the new Hulu series has gained a lot of popularity and has been very well received by the audience. In fact, even the Real Housewives creator’s have praised the show. Andrea Savage, the actress of the new show, claims that everyone around her is very excited about the show since it’s really funny. The original Real Housewives creators feel honored to be portrayed on the show. They think that the show is made in the same way Saturday Night Live is made. For them, it’s kind of a compliment to be portrayed on a parody.

For instance, Andrea Savage, who is well known for her hilarious video “Republicans get in my vagina”, gets her character from on NeNe Leakes, on of the cast members from Real Housewives. Also, Savage claims to receive her inspiration from two characters of the show on its Atlanta version. 

The creators of Hotwives of Orlando bought the franchise so legally there’s no problem for the cast members to develop a healthy parody of the original show. We really recommend you to watch this show on Hulu. 

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