where did aids come from

With the International Aids day coming on, people have started raising awareness about this illness and how it affects a huge part of humanity. And, with this awareness, a lot of conspiracy theories regarding aids and where did aids come from are appearing on the Internet. The official version of the roots of aids is that it came from a chimpanzee which infected a human through its infected blood.

However, the conspiracy theories claim a lot of crazy stuff which will make you go nuts. They all claim that America is responsible for aids as they want to wipe a portion of humanity. For example, one of the theories says that a doctor created the illness in a laboratory to infect Africa. Other versions say that the CIA did it in order to wipe homosexuals around the world. A third theory talks about how there is actually a cure but only for people who can afford it. 

In real life, AIDS is a sickness which is not reversible. However, medicine has made a lot of advancement since the illness first came out. Now, some people (depending on what state of the illness they are in) can live with HIV by taking medication and taking proper care of themselves.